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Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever, ever feel ….

on September 26, 2012

I feel a little less than perfect tonight. 

This week has been a comedy of errors. I missed that Bug (my dear son) was supposed to have a practice math test in his homework folder. His teacher confronted him, and when he said he didn’t have it, she said he should have. Thankfully, he aced the test, but I felt horrible that I didn’t even realize he was supposed to have done it as part of his homework. FML. 

Tonight we missed out on signing up for Cub Scouts because I wrote the information down on the wrong date on the calendar. This resulted in tears (from me) which turned into more tears (from Bug, who blessedly hugged me and told me it was OK). 

I don’t know how women with several children who work full time do it all. I have one child and desperately want another, but then I wonder how the hell I’ll manage it all. 

Why as mothers do we push ourselves to be perfect? As if the entire world will end if you miss one homework assignment or botch a Cub Scout meeting? Is it programmed into our DNA? 

I’ve emailed our Scout Council and pray I can get Bug signed up so we’ll both feel better. He’s soo excited about being a Scout, just like his Daddy – who he wants to grow up to be like. 

And the homework … where, there will be more again tomorrow, I’m sure. 



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