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Drums, please …

My friend Jess loves when I write random things. (This stems from our newspaper days together when I had a weekly column. Now I just write random blog posts for her.) These usually fall under a category I like to call “I couldn’t think of anything else to write.” 😉

If you’ve followed this blog any at all, you may have noticed the overall musical theme, particularly with post titles. I love music. All kinds and types. Driving into work today I thought about that love for music, and how I seriously can relate a song to just about anything in my life, and how my life has truly had a soundtrack … even it it’s one I’ve kept mostly to myself!

So here goes for some random music moments from my life:

– I now relate the same song by two different artists to two “moments” in my life. “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane will always remind me of high school. The Rascal Flatts version I now associate to watching “Cars” for the first time with dear oldest son.

– “Jack and Diane” is, and always will be, my ultimate favorite song. The lyrics mean even more to me as a 36 year old woman than they did when I first discovered it as a kid. LOVE. THIS. SONG.

– I can remember exactly where I was and who I was with when I discovered New Kids on the Block. Sadly, my love for NKOTB lasted much longer than the friendship, but I still remember the feeling of that summer and just being a pre-teen on the brink of middle school.

– I am freakishly good at recognizing a song mere seconds into it. This is something that both baffles and makes my husband enormously proud of me. He loves playing “Name that Tune” with me. I almost always win.

– A former co-worker once described himself as a “retarded little jukebox.” I would agree that that’s me as well.

– I realize I’m now my mother not only because of the things I say to my son, but because I’d also rather clean house to music from my childhood rather than the hits of today. I’m OK with this and can completely understand why she did it as well.

– John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” very much reminds me of my small town.

– I can still remember all the words to my high school’s alma mater … and could probably still play it on flute.

OK, enough of my one-note musings for the day. Keep that radio dialed in, though, and keep reaching for the stars. (See what I did there? That’s a reference to when Kasey Kasem did the Top 40 …. well before Seacrest could even dream of doing it.)

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