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And I’m proud to be an American

on November 11, 2014

Part of what I love most about being a journalist, especially in a small town, is capturing the moments that mean something to the organization or individual you are writing about.

I had the opportunity to attend a Veteran’s Day program on Monday at the local senior center. It included what you might expect it to – patriotic performances by elementary aged children and a colorguard from the local JROTC.

But what I didn’t anticipate, and enjoyed the most, was the expressions on the faces of the Veterans who were being honored.

As each Veteran walked through the arch of swords, he or she snapped to attention at the end, giving those in attendance a salute. Men and women who had trouble making it to the stage suddenly came alive as though they were the young men and women they were when they gave so selflessly of their time and lives to serve a country they love so. You could see it in their eyes – no longer were they battle worn from time and age, but proud servicemen and women who were honored more by what they had done before rather than the honor awarded to them today.

One Veteran was so moved that she trembled and wept as she saluted. I, too, teared up watching her beam with pride.

It was an honor to see them honored. And how thankful I am for their service – how thankful we all should be.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who served!


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