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I hate the beach and mountains too ….

(You’ll start to see a theme with the titles pretty soon!)

My five year old currently hates me. He says I’m “mean.”

If mean is making him get dressed and go to school, brush and wash his teeth and face, keep his room cleaned up and generally behave as a decent human should …. then, yes, I’m mean as hell.

He’s five. He has no concept of what mean truly is.

I’m sure it won’t be until he’s around 18 or so that he’ll realize just how un-mean mom and dad truly are.

But it’s still pretty hurtful to hear him say it.

Child psychologists say not to take those words personally. My dear one has my personality (God help all those around us), and I can easily recognize his frustrations at me are often not directed at me at all.

Psychologists also say not to respond with an “I love you” when your child says I hate you or to tell them not to be angry. Both belittle their emotions – which children my son’s age are still trying to learn to do.

Instead, just as you did when they were two, tell your child to use their words — to tell you why they are angry or frustrated.

Let’s hope when school’s over today he’s back to his cheerful, loving self.

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