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And the shot heard round the world …..

Anyone else remember this?

If you’re a child of the 80s/early 90s, then chances are your answer is yes. It was usually shown at the end of Saturday morning cartoons, just before American Bandstand came on.

Tonight I googled Schoolhouse Rock to help me explain why we celebrate Independence Day to dear son.

I had forgotten that how much Schoolhouse Rock … well, rocks!

We listened to “I’m Just a Bill” and “The Preamble.” This put us on the path to watching “No More Kings” and “The Shot Heard Round the World.”

I don’t know who the writers of these songs are, but my kudos to them for being able to boil down important historical events into a way for a 6 year old to understand, but also for a 35 year old!

In case you don’t remember the impetus for Independence Day – and the real reason you should be celebrating tomorrow – refresh your memory:

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